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Jasmin Jahal

Having mentored under master choreographer Ibrahim Farrah, Jasmin Jahal modeled Chicago Shimmyfest after his famous weeklong intensives. Today Jasmin carries on the "Bobby" legacy. With 40 years of belly dance experience under her belt (or should we say hip scarf?), Jasmin is known as a Dancer's Dancer and a Teacher's Teacher. She has performed and taught throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East. Her style is reminiscent of the most elegant oriental dance legends. As an instructor, she has been called an "encyclopedia of dance knowledge." Her classes are tough yet fun. Jasmin nurtures her students while sharing her passion for the artistry and history of oriental dance.Her expertise and friendly professionalism open the heart and entice the mind with the beauty that can be found in Pure Raks Sharki. For information about her studio and her weekly classes in Chicago, please visit the Class page of www.PureRaks.com. For Jasmin's resume' and ways to train privately with Jasmin, please visit www.JasminJahal.com.

Guest Artists

Blue Lotus Tribe

Blue Lotus Tribe Established in 2001, Chicago's Blue Lotus Tribe has been a long time mainstay in the tribal fusion belly dance world. Heralded for their original choreographies, impeccable technique, and party-like stage presence, Blue Lotus Tribe is working hard to bring the Midwestern fusion scene to the forefront. Blue Lotus Tribe have been honored to teach at some of the United States' well known belly dance events such as Tribal Fest (CA), 3rd Coast Tribal (TX), Elevation (CO), TribOriginal (NC), and dozens of other smaller events throughout the country. They also host the Midwest's largest tribal belly dance festival every June, Tribal Revolution.

Christina King

Versatile and dynamic, Christina King is recognized and respected in the Midwest as a proficient performer and instructor whose appeal has spread throughout the nation. Christina has the rare ability to successfully cross styles, with expertise in Egyptian belly dance, tribal improvisation, and tribal fusion. She is a founding member and co-director of the nationally acclaimed fusion troupe, Blue Lotus Tribe and successfully runs Eastern Groove Studio in Elgin, IL.

Christina's primary instructor of Egyptian style dance has been Jasmin Jahal, with whom she began studying in 1996. She added tribal to the mix in 1999 with Stephane Barto of Read My Hips and sought out many workshop instructors in both styles. She has had intensive study with both Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes and names them as her top influences for her tribal fusion style . Primarily a fusion dancer, Christina never forgets to honor the roots of belly dance and can often be seen performing traditional belly dance as well as her funky fusion creations. Christina has received recognition certificates for Rachel Brice's 8 Elements: Initiation (2013), Phase II: Cultivation (2016), and Phase III: Culmination, and is a certified 8 Elements Practitioner. She has also completed and passed proficiency exams for Zoe Jakes' DanceCraft: Key of Diamonds (2016) and Key of Spades (2017).


Wendy has been dancing since she happened upon a belly dance class at the age of 19. Having studied extensively with Jasmin Jahal in classical Egyptian and folkloric dances for many years, she joined up with fellow dancers in 2001 to start Blue Lotus Tribe in Chicago. Now specializing in tribal fusion, Wendy has been traveling with her troupe everywhere from Seattle to France bringing her love of dance to the stage!


Kahina stumbled upon the belly dance path on a whim. The local YMCA was offering a belly dance class, and it was love at first shimmy. 20 years later Kahina is still dancing and loving every minute of it. She has been fortunate enough to be able to have studied with great teachers from all over, she has especially found Jasmin to be a great guide and inspiration for what is possible. Kahina looks forward to many more years of dancing and studying with as many teachers as she can get to. She believes that great dancers never stop learning. Kahina's style of oriental dance is graceful, dynamic and timeless.