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“Unique challenges in her choreography”

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Chicago Shimmyfest 2018

October 19-20-21

Did you  know that Chicago Shimmyfest has been around since 2002? There's not too many events with that kind of track record! It has proven to catapult every participant to the next level. There's something for everyone, from beginners to professionals. The workshops are fun and challenging within an atmosphere that is positive and encouraging. Because dancers from all over attend the event, it is a great opportunity to network and make global friends. As icing on the cake, participants get to showcase their talents in the Gala Show, where there's a super supportive audience! Come join the Shimmyfest family in this year's "Sweet 16" anniversary. Together, our combined efforts will gracefully raise the standards of our beloved art form.

EVOLVE, ENERGIZE and EXPLORE your passion for the art of classical oriental dance.