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Certification Program

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Certification Program for the Jasmin Jahal Method of Oriental Dance
Level 2 General Technique

Certification Location:

Oasis Studio, 4705 W. Lawrence, Chicago, IL 60630

Workshop Dates:

June 23 & 24, 2018  12 noon to 4 pm on each day

This is a two-day workshop for the General Technique certification, in a total of 8 hours

Structure of Level 2

Level 2 Certification is broken down into two parts, known as General Technique and Special Themes. Either program may be taken before the other, but both must be completed before advancing to Level 3. Level 2 General Technique consists of home study, a two-day workshop, and on-site testing. After completing certification in Level 2 General Technique, students have two options:


Level 2 Special Themes certification will be scheduled for weekends in 2018!    This program focuses on:

1. Saidi dance steps, music, rhythm, costuming, history and stylization

2.Traditional El Assaya stick dance technique, and

3. The Art of Floorwork, its movements, music, staging, costuming and appropriate use within an oriental dance routine.

• Level 3 certification: When Level 2 programs are completed successfully, Level 3 is the final level of the technique portion of the certification process. It will focus entirely on classical and modern oriental dance, incorporating veil technique, a study of balletic terminology, improvement of turns, body carriage, and completing all the fine details of your form while understanding the general musical structure and various parts of an oriental dance routine.


The following specific pre-requisites apply to Level 2 General technique:

• Students must have current Level 1 certification in the Jasmin Jahal Method of Oriental Dance


The following policies apply to all levels of the certification program:

• Certification is valid for 2 years after the date of testing. If 2 years pass and you are not actively pursuing the next level of certification, re-certification at a particular level is at the director’s discretion.

• You must attend the workshop to take the certification exam.

• Testing can only be done in person.

• You can only be certified as a teacher after you have completed technique certifications in Level 1, Level 2 General Technique, Level 2 Special Themes, and Level 4, and only if your Level 3 technique certification has not expired

• Admission to the program is by application only and is subject to Jasmin Jahal’s discretion.

Benefits of Certification

• Mentoring with Jasmin Jahal, an experienced instructor and performer who has a proven track record of developing some of today’s most successful oriental dancers and teachers

• Formal recognition of a participant’s master of the dance form

• Endorsement on the Jasmin Jahal website

• A discount on merchandise from the Jasmin Jahal Signature Collection


The Level 2 General Technique workshop consists of 5 to 6 hous of class time plus 2 to 3 hours of testing, depending on number of participants. The workshop itself will involve a review and clarification of all the movements and information covered in the Level 2 General Technique study materials and will offer students the opportunity to ask questions in order to refine their specific needs. Testing will include practical execution of the techique, playing of finger cymbals, and a written exam.

Home Study:

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources available in the home study packet so they will get the most out of the certification workshop and are well-prepared for the certification test. The amount of study time needed will depend on a paticular dancer’s past experience with the program content. The Level 2 curriculum included in this part of the program is typically taught within 12 weeks of level 2 classes with Jasmin Jahal/Pure Raks Dance classes, with students attending class a mnimum of once a week for a total of 12 hours of class time. Therefore, participants in the certification program may want to dedicate at least 12 hours of study in preparation for the workshop and testing.

The home study materials provided for Level 2 General Techique include:

• Level 2 General Technique Certification Booklet

• Level 2 General Technique DVD

• Audio CD for cymbal practice

Other Materials you will need in order to prepare include Finger Cymbals. If you are not a regular student with Jasmin Jahal, it is highly recommended that you acquire two DVDs Reach for the Stars Belly Dance Basics and Veil Variations. DVDs.


All fees are non-refndable and are non transferable. The application fee per workshop is $10.

• $190 for workshop and testing plus a $10 application fee

• $50 for student materials including the booklet, DVD and CD

• Re-testing within 1 year is 25% off, ad participants must retake the workshop

• Private coaching is available at $60 per hour

Please call the studio for a brochure which describes the program and the study materials. You will need to study in advance for this workshop, so please plan on time to do so.