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Certification Program

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Certification Program for the Jasmin Jahal Method of Oriental Dance

Structure of the Certification Program

Professional Performer certification and Teacher certification both start with 3 levels of Technique certification. Students are trained in beginner to advanced oriental technique. All students must start at Level 1, as all subsequent levels build upon the technique, form and language mastered at the first level. Each certification level consists of home study, a set number of workshops, and on-site testing. After completing certification in Levels 1, 2, and 3, students have two options:

Teacher certification: There are 3 distinct levels of teacher certification. Dancers are certified to teach at a specific level, beginning with Level 1

Professional Performer certification: This program is taught on an ongoing basis thru a series of advanced workshops that will continuously challenge even the most advanced dancers, and encourage them to continue evolving as artists

You may choose to pursue both types of certification simultaneously

Benefits of Certification

• Mentoring with Jasmin Jahal, an experienced instructor and performer who has a proven track record of developing some of today’s most successful oriental dancers

• Formal recognition of a participant’s master of the dance form

• Endorsement on the Jasmin Jahal website with date and level of certification

• A discount on merchandise from the Jasmin Jahal Signature Collection


The following policies apply to all levels of the certification program:

• Certification is valid for 2 years after the date of testing. If 2 years pass and you are not actively pursuing the next level of certification, re-certification at a particular level is at the director’s discretion.

• You must attend the workshop to take the certification exam.

• Testing can only be done in person.

• You can only be certified as a teacher after you have completed technique certifications in levels 1, 2, and 3, and only if your level 3 technique certification has not expired.

• Admission to the program is by application only and is subject to Jasmin Jahal’s discretion

Pre Requisites

• Specific pre-requisites may vary be level. The following apply to all levels:

• Students must have some prior experience in belly dance

• Students must apply to participate in the certification workshop

• Participants must sign a liability and ethics agreement prior to taking the workshop

• Participants in Levels 2 and 3 must have a valid certification in prior level in order to proceed to the next level

Please call the studio for a brochure which describes the program and the study materials. You will need to study in advance for this workshop, so please plan on time to do so.