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I first took instruction from Jasmin Jahal when she gave a workshop in Des Moines, Iowa 12 years ago.  I have taken many lessons with many professional belly dancers and Jasmin is my hands down favorite.  She is an excellent instructor, performer and choreographer and is a wonderful source of information about Middle Eastern dance in general.  Her focus is Egyptian cabaret style though she also teaches flokloric.  Jasmin gives first rate instruction in zills, isis wings, veil and stick/cane dancing.
I have traveled to Chicago twice to take lessons with Jasmin and recently completed her annual Shimmyfest course.  It was a terrific challenge and a great deal of fun. I highly recommend Jasmin for instruction, fitness and fun in Middle Eastern dance.  She is professional, gracious and a true artist.

—Monica R., Iandianola, IA


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Reach for the Stars Veil Variations dvd

Reach for the Stars Veil Variations
DVD $15
plus shipping

This information-packed DVD clearly explains and demonstrates how you can master the technique of dancing with a veil by offering 4 different mini-dances to 4 different rhythms. A wide variety of veil movements and ideas are presented within various combinations designed to challenge basic thru advanced dancers. Also includes instruction for entrances, barrel turns, traveling steps and final poses. Live percussion by Hanna Mirhige. This valuable DVD includes two veil dances performed by Jasmin Jahal in her exciting, sensual style

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Workshops are presented on a local, national and international basis.
All programs are tailor-made to your specific needs. You deserve to enjoy Middle Eastern dance with Chicago's most experienced dancer,
Jasmin Jahal!


Take a Chance, Belly Dance! Introductory Workshop Oct 24

Try a fun one-hour introduction to the beautiful art of belly dance! You'll get a great workout while exploring the femininity and sensuality of this ancient dance. Included in your registration is your very own hip scarf!

Tuition: $20 per person

Time: 7 to 8 pm

Held at Oasis Studio, 4705 W. Lawrence, Chicago

Chicago, IL
Oct 19-20-21

Shimmyfest returns in all its glory with inspiring workshops for all levels and a fantastic gala belly dance show!

Please visit www.ChicagoShimmyfest.com for all the juicy details and for easy online registration


All workshops held at Oasis Studio

Show held at Irish American Heritage Center

Chicago, IL
Festival on the Nile Oct 26-28

This convention is a true belly dance tradition! Don't miss this year's event, featuring Jasmin Jahal (Egyptian style) and Lacey (Tribal Fusion). Workshops run Saturday and Sunday.


Email BelediProductions@ yahoo.com or visit www.BelediProductions.com for all the juicy details.

Orlando, FL

Fun evening of dance, food, and holiday celebration!

Open to all.

Time: 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Held at Oasis Studio, 4705 W. Lawrence, Chicago

Chicago, IL

January 27


Jasmin introduces a fun, new concept in belly dance training: a dance workout on a mat! If you seek ways to polish your techique and take your skills to the next level, you need to explore Floriental! This workshop reveals the secrets of catapulting a good dancer into a great dancer!

(FYI this is not a class that specializes in movements danced upon the floor. That workshop is scheduled for Nov 17! Please see below)


Some precious dance technique is suggested

Bring a mat and all your questions & concerns


Tuition: $35 per person

Time: 1 to 3 pm

Held at Oasis Studio, 4705 W. Lawrence, Chicago

Chicago, IL
The Keys to Creating Choreography

February 23


Curious about how to choreograph your own routines? It is a creative process that draws from your technical skills, but requires more than just your love of a piece of music. This workshop will explore ways you can map out the music and work with the many layers of interpretation. It's certain you will have an "Aha!" moment of discovery as you unlock the keys to creating beautiful dances.


Feel free to bring a piece of music that you love, as well as something to take notes with.


Tuition: $35 per person

Time: 1 to 3 pm

Held at Oasis Studio, 4705 W. Lawrence, Chicago

Chicago, IL
Inspiration and Improvisation

March 2019


You may have been taking belly dance classes for a while now, and even have performed choreographies in various shows, but maybe you're still intimidated by the Art of Improv. This workshop will give you the tools and skills to create beautiful improvational dance. From musical interpretation, rhythms and instrumentation, to emtoional and spiritual elements and more, you will get a comprehensive, jam-packed class that is certain to inspire you to dance freely in the moment!


Handouts are included.

Some prior dance experience is suggested.


Tuition: $35 per person

Time: 1 to 3 pm

Held at Oasis Studio, 4705 W. Lawrence, Chicago

Chicago, IL
Fascinating Floorwork

April 2019


Serpentine floorwork can appear intimidating. This workshop breaks down what it takes to safely move on the floor with fluidity and grace, whether or not you ever choose to balance a prop on your head. Explore 'the flow' and add a new dimension to your isolations and presentation, while getting a great lower body workout! You will expand your dance vocabulary, learn what is the right music for floorwork, and make your performance fascinating and tasteful to all audiences. Even if you only incorporate some of the ideas presented in this class, you won't be sorry you explored the Art of Floorwork!


Bring a mat, or knee pads.


Tuition: $35 per person

Time: 12 noon to 2 pm

Held at Oasis Studio, 4705 W. Lawrence, Chicago

Chicago, IL

Looking to host a special presentation or a group lesson? Pure Raks can be designed to suit your specific needs, such as

  • bachelorette parties or birthday parties
  • educational programs offered at schools, libraries, galleries and museums
  • multi-cultural events
  • Senior facilities and women’s organizations

Prices start at $120 and up, according to Length of time required and Travel expenses involved.