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• Jasmin Jahal, premium artist
• Jasmin Jahal Dance Company, folkloric, educational dance troupe

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Call (773)777-4037 or
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The Jasmin Jahal Dance Company is first rate in the Chicagoland area in terms of providing programs that are educational, culturally rich, and uniquely entertaining. Jasmin Jahal has taken her years of deep learning of Egyptian dance, music, and culture and has created for her dance company a well rounded program appropriate for all ages and events. Very highly recommended!

—Christina K., Elgin, IL

Jasmin Jahal Middle A True Artist of Egyptian Dance Jasmin Jahal Middle A True Artist of Egyptian Dance Jasmin Jahal Middle A True Artist of Egyptian Dance

Chicagoland's Only Professional Authentic Folkloric and Classical
Dance Company

Jasmin Jahal Dance Company is Chicagoland’s only professional dance company that specializes in folkloric and classical dance from all over the Middle East. They offer shows that are entertaining, educational and appropriate for all ages. Programs are set up specifically for your needs. From kindergarten thru college, we can enlighten students to see the beauty in diversity. Multi-cultural events and festivals love to present the Jasmin Jahal Dance Company because their shows authentically represent various countries with movement, music and costuming. Programs can also include a dance lesson as well as lectures and discussions. Make your event memorable by including the magic of the Middle East with the Jasmin Jahal Dance Company!

Programs tailored to: elementary schools, high schools, colleges, festivals and multi-cultural events, wedding zeffas, corporate themed events, libraries, senior homes, museums, gallery openings, girl scouts and women’s organizations

Shows are from 20 minutes to one hour in length.
Rates start at $250 and vary according to length of show, number of dancers and travel expenses.

To inquire about hosting the Jasmin Jahal Dance Company:
Call (773)777-4037 or
Email Jasmin@PureRaks.com

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