Jasmin Jahal

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elegance in motion!

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Jasmin Jahal, premium artist
Jasmin Jahal Dance Company, folkloric, educational dance troupe
Diamonds of the Desert, professional belly dancers

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Jasmin Jahal glides on the dance floor. When she dances one word comes to mind "Majestic!"  It is obvious why "Jasmin Jahal School of Dance" was voted the best in all Chicago....if not the world and Jasmin the Instructor of the year.   Hearts are touched, bodies and health is transformed and many smiles are created because you share your art with us. Five stars to Jasmin Jahal School of Dance

—Jack Q., Duqoin, IL

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Bring Pure Raks Home!

Ahlam Jasmin cd

Ahlam Jasmin (The Dream of Jasmin)
CD $10
plus shipping

New Arabic Music. This CD offers 12 exciting tracks composed by famous artist Mohamed Ali. Great for Belly Dancers and Lovers of Middle Eastern Music!

"I’m thrilled that this is “Volume 1”, because that means Jasmin will have more CDs produced in the future. An exciting prospect indeed! Jasmin Jahal is a stunning, complex, skilled, elegant and intelligent dancer. Alham Jasmin is a perfect match and compliment to her as a performer. Both are entertaining, alluring, and pure magic."
– Stacy O.

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Pure =
refined, absolute, unmitigated, having exactly the talents or skills needed for a particular role

Raks =
the word for “Dance” in the Arabic language, usually associated with oriental dance or belly dance as in Raks Sharki

Explore and Embrace All That Is Elegant and Feminine.

Pure Raks is a fun, yet disciplined dance program that takes you step-by-step through a thorough physical, mental and spiritual training as you explore what oriental dance can do for you.

  • Fountain of Youth Effect! Yes, it’s true! Those women who dedicate themselves to a regular practice of Pure Raks movements find that they stay youthful, vibrant and sexy!
  • Improve your Flexibility, especially back, neck and knee issues
  • Strengthen and Tone your entire body with movement that is natural to the joints
  • Get Fabulous Abs and develop an hour-glass shape!
  • Lose weight
  • Stress Relief
  • Fun and challenging workouts
  • Get Energized
  • Enhance your sensual femininity

Pure Raks turns ordinary into extraordinary!

If you are a woman who wants to be fit, sexy and classy, Pure Raks is for you. You can start at any age and with no prior dance experience. Pure Raks evolves your mind, your body and your spirit.

  • Raks precision dance technique, isolations, flowing lines and powerful dynamics so you dance with passion!
  • Music interpretation, instrumentation, and understanding of Raks rhythms
  • Silk veils, Wings, Finger Cymbals, Single and Double Stick, and more!
  • Class content that changes, challenges and inspires you at every level
  • Beautiful, authentic choreography
  • Powerful Improvisational skills
  • History of oriental dance so you know your roots

Experience the Art, Experience the Artist!

Pure Raks is based on the traditions and stylization of historically famous artists such as Samia Gamal and Sohair Zaki, and evolves with the work of lifetime artist Jasmin Jahal. Not every great dancer is a great teacher, and you deserve to train with the best. Jasmin Jahal is one of those rare contemporary artists that can teach what she can do and mentors dancers who have become nationally recognized. Jasmin is a full-time professional dancer (not an amateur or hobbyist). She has 30 years of teaching experience in Middle Eastern dance and a life time of experience in dance performance. Her style is graceful, feminine and powerful. She is a trailblazer in the world of classical belly dance by:

  • Being a choreographer and producer of large scale theatrical oriental productions
  • Establishing and operating the only purely classical school of belly dance in the Chicago area
  • Offering a unique dance certification program for teachers
  • Living, performing and teaching in Europe and in the Near East, including Egypt and Morocco
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